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Fiji Environmental Law Association

Kiji Vukikomoala heads the(Fiji) Environmental Law Association (FELA), the only local non-governmental institution in Fiji of its kind.   As a former Prosecutor and divisional head,  Kiji’s legal and management experience enabled her to develop environmental law knowledge and skills very quickly since accepting the role of Coordinator of FELA back in 2011. Through her leadership, FELA is recognised and respected in Fiji and the Region for its work in spearheading awareness and advocacy in the areas of environmental law and policy review. Kiji is also the lead author of a number of law and policy discussion papers on various environmental law and policy matters of national interest.

In her role as Executive Director of FELA, Kiji oversees and facilitates:

  • information sharing between various stakeholders on environment, climate change and biodiversity issues;
  • Fiji government sanctioned professional development seminars for legal practitioners;
  • general awareness workshops and focused sessions on environmental law issues for local municipal councils, public sector agencies and local community groups;
  • discussion on the formulation and development of improved environmental law regulations and guidelines between local government authorities and other primary interest groups; and
  • an advisory service on environmental law issues for the general public and investment community.

Some notable achievements:

  • 2017 Recipient of BSP/LF Scholarship
  • 2017 Recipient of Fiji Directors Course Certificate
  • 2012 Recipient of Australian Leadership Fellowship Award
  • 2008 Prosecutor of the Year Award – ODPP
  • 1999 /2000 LLB/PDLP – USP
  • Member of a number of National Technical Committees for Environmental /Resource Management matters including the Protected Areas Committee.

Holds a number of Certificates/Diploma in criminal matters.


  • Vukikomoala K., Jupiter S., Erasito E., and Chand K. (2012) An Analysis of International Law, National Law, Judgements and Institutions as they Interrelate with Territories and Areas Conserved by Indigenous People and Local Communities, Report No 19 Fiji, Natural Justice and Kalpavriksh, Bangalore and Delhi.
  • Vukikomoala K. and Baba M. (2015)Saving Sea Turtles, A Guide for Law Enforcement, University of the South Pacific, Fiji.

Lead Author for:

Fiji Environmental Law Association and EDO NSW. (2017). Towards an Effective Legal Framework for Marine Protected Areas in Fiji: Policy and Law Discussion Paper. The University of South Pacific Press, Suva;

Fiji Environmental Law Association and EDO NSW. (2017). Towards an Integrated Oceans Policy for Fiji: Policy and Law Scoping Paper. The University of South Pacific Press Suva; and

 Fiji Environmental Law Association and EDO NSW. (2016).Regulating Fiji’s Coastal Fisheries. Policy and Law Discussion Paper. Fiji Environmental Law Association, Suva.



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