Photo caption:  1. Shake Hands (L-R): Leadership Fiji CEO, Sharyne Fong and Bluescope Fiji General Manager Vishwa Reddy shake hands as they renew the partnership. 

BlueScope Fiji, a pioneer in providing sustainable steel solutions, is thrilled to announce the continuation and extension of its partnership with Leadership Fiji, an esteemed organization dedicated to fostering leadership excellence and sustainable development in Fiji and the wider Pacific region.

This renewed collaboration signifies a shared commitment to driving positive change, promoting sustainability, and nurturing future leaders. BlueScope Fiji has been a partner of Leadership Fiji since 2017 and will be supporting the Leadership Fiji Program as a platinum partner for 3 years until July 2026.

BlueScope Fiji is a leading provider of sustainable steel solutions, offering a wide range of high-quality steel products designed to meet the needs of the built environment. With a strong focus on environmental sustainability, BlueScope Fiji is committed to contributing to a more resilient and eco-conscious future.

BlueScope Fiji General Manager, Mr. Vishwa Reddy said “I want to express my genuine appreciation to Leadership Fiji for their outstanding commitment to providing exceptional leadership training to our staff. The transformative experience they’ve offered has truly empowered our team members with invaluable skills, insightful perspectives, and enhanced confidence. The thoughtfully designed program not only nurtured their individual growth but also fostered a stronger sense of unity and collaboration within our organization. The dedication and expertise of the Leadership Fiji team are evident in the remarkable positive changes we’ve witnessed in our staff’s leadership abilities and their approach to challenges. We are immensely grateful for the investment they’ve made in our team’s professional development, and we eagerly anticipate the continued impact of their guidance and mentorship in shaping the future leaders of our company, as of today we have 4 graduates holding key positions in our business”.

Leadership Fiji is a non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating leadership excellence and fostering sustainable development in Fiji and the Pacific region. Through its innovative programs, Leadership Fiji equips emerging leaders with the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to drive positive change.

Leadership Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Sharyne Fong said, “We appreciate BlueScope’s continued belief in the value of the Leadership Fiji Program and this commitment reflects their shared values, aspirations, and dedication with Leadership Fiji to make a meaningful difference in Fiji’s socio-economic landscape”.

Leadership Fiji is excited about the opportunities that this partnership brings.


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