Meet our Alumni

Alumni Background
  • The Leadership Fiji Alumni was founded in 2003
  • It operates independently, has a separate Executive Committee
  • The Alumni commits to increase its civic involvement by using the professional skills of its members to help community organisations and to accept positions of responsibility across the community
  • The Alumni commits to help other Fellows personally, professionally and use the network for the common good
  • We have a database of about 383 members to date

Aaron Ah Yuk

Photo of Aaron Ah Yuk
Digital Director Communications Fiji Ltd

Adi Lavenia Ranadi

Photo of Adi Lavenia Ranadi
Quality Assurance Manager Rooster Poultry

Akata Ratu Taito

Photo of Akata Ratu Taito
Senior Analyst, Financial Inclusion and Market Conduct Reserve Bank of Fiji

Akiau Bernard Filipo Snr

Photo of Akiau Bernard Filipo Snr
Head of Department – Graphics Narseys Plastics Industries

Amish Patel

Photo of Amish Patel
General Manager Jacks of Fiji Manufacturing

Arieta Bale Kaisevusevu

Photo of Arieta Bale Kaisevusevu
MICE Executive Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts

Ashna Lingam

Photo of Ashna Lingam
System and Content Manager South Sea Cruises

Ashwin Amit Singh

Photo of Ashwin Amit Singh
Merchant Fraud and E-Gate Officer ANZ Pacific Operations

Berlitta Catherine Bonny

Photo of Berlitta Catherine Bonny
Client Implementation Manager ANZ Bank

Emma Christopher

Photo of Emma Christopher
Development Programme Coordinator New Zealand High Commission

Frances Namoumou

Photo of Frances Namoumou
Programme Coordinator Pacific Conference of Churches

Inoke Kalounisiga

Photo of Inoke Kalounisiga
Director Knox Entertainment Pte Limited

Joshua John Dean

Photo of Joshua John Dean
Senior Visual Designer The Greenhouse Studio

My Skills;

  • Design
  • Animations
  • Programming
  • Web Design

Joshua Young

Photo of Joshua Young
Sales Manager Tabs Investment Pte Ltd

Kalesi Volatabu

Photo of Kalesi Volatabu
Founder Drug Free World – Fiji

Karishma Kartika Sharan

Photo of Karishma Kartika Sharan
Head of Department- Labels Alpha Corporation Pte Limited

Lara Bourke

Photo of Lara Bourke
Office & Assistant Manager and Scuba Diving Guide Nukubati Private Island

Leone Vokai

Photo of Leone Vokai
Owner of GSR Divers & Dive Instructor Great Sea Reef Divers

Leonore Naivaluwaqa

Photo of Leonore Naivaluwaqa
Assistant Manager Lautoka Merchant Finance Pte Ltd

Paulini Vukikomoala

Photo of Paulini Vukikomoala
National Sales Manager Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Limited
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Abdul Ifraz

Photo of Abdul Ifraz
Head of Technology ANZ Pacific Operations

Acacia Roche

Photo of Acacia Roche
Program Assistant Homes of Hope

Ana Maria Lagilagi Naiveli

Photo of Ana Maria Lagilagi Naiveli
Accountant I.Naiveli & Co Chartered Accountants

Andre Crocker

Photo of Andre Crocker
Leading Fire Fighter National Fire Authority

Arishma Lata

Photo of Arishma Lata
Finance Officer Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Limited

Ashneel Naidu

Photo of Ashneel Naidu
Production Manager Natural Waters of Viti Pte Ltd

Brenda Fenton

Photo of Brenda Fenton
Northern Outreach Manager West Charity Trust Society (trading as Animals Fiji)

Dirend Sagar

Photo of Dirend Sagar
Factory Manager Pet Technology Pte Limited

Edwin Sharma

Photo of Edwin Sharma
Managing Director Tritech Joinery Solutions Pte Ltd

Isapela Serevi

Photo of Isapela Serevi
Sales Development Officer BSP Life Insurance

Jashil Raniga

Photo of Jashil Raniga
Finance Manager Fiji Times Pte Limited

Luisa Turaga

Photo of Luisa Turaga
Total Event Company (TEC) Sales Executive Communications Fiji Ltd

Marama Tamanitoakula

Photo of Marama Tamanitoakula
Manager Freights Transam Fiji PTE Ltd

Melanie Madina Musarat Dean-Lobendahn

Photo of Melanie Madina Musarat Dean-Lobendahn
Sales Excutive Williams & Goslings Pte Limited

Melissa Harm

Photo of Melissa Harm
Financial Controller Munro Leys

Meredani Lutubula

Photo of Meredani Lutubula
Senior Accounts Officer Ministry of Health

Mereoni Rogocala

Photo of Mereoni Rogocala
Resort Accountant Plantation Island Resort

Penina Magnus

Photo of Penina Magnus
Production Manager Fiji Times Limited

Pita Whippy

Photo of Pita Whippy
Senior Sales Associates / Trainer One Agency Bayshore Fiji
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Anish Nand

Photo of Anish Nand
Storeman Williams & Gosling

Cama Rogo

Photo of Cama Rogo
Station Officer National Fire Authority

Christina Choy

Photo of Christina Choy
Manager Legal, Risk Management and Governance Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission

Devina Devi

Photo of Devina Devi
Program Officer Fiji Womens Fund

Dhiresh Prasad

Photo of Dhiresh Prasad
Manager Personal Credit Fiji Westpac

Hitesh Kumar

Photo of Hitesh Kumar
Systems Administrator Motibhai & Company

Joanne Sakaraia

Photo of Joanne Sakaraia
Economist Reserve Bank of Fiji

Lanieta Gadolo

Photo of Lanieta Gadolo
Manager HR & Admin Ministry of Fisheries

Miriama Dinamati

Photo of Miriama Dinamati
Sales & Finance Manager The Greenhouse Studio

Mohseen Khan

Photo of Mohseen Khan
Senior Research Officer Ministry of Sugar Industry

Onorina Likusautu

Photo of Onorina Likusautu
Investment Officer Merchant Finance

Pita Raiqeu

Photo of Pita Raiqeu
Senior Sales Consultant Bayshore Real Estate

Pravneil Chand

Photo of Pravneil Chand
Community Development Assistant Manager Model Towns Charitable Trust

Ronish Kumar

Photo of Ronish Kumar
Technical Operations Manager Janty Bondwell

Roqiqi Korodrau

Photo of Roqiqi Korodrau
Finance Manager Free Bird Institute

Serupepeli Vularika

Photo of Serupepeli Vularika
Registered Nurse Ministry of Health – Lautoka Hospital

Shaheed Ali

Photo of Shaheed Ali
Manager Pacific COO Support ANZ Pacific Operations

Shaun Corrie

Photo of Shaun Corrie
Business Relationship Manager BSP Life
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Abele Saunivalu

Photo of Abele Saunivalu
Director of Audit Office of the Auditor General

Ajit Narsey

Photo of Ajit Narsey
IT Admin/ Company Secretary Narseys Plastics Industries Ltd

Andrew Reddy

Photo of Andrew Reddy
Business Adviser Market Development Facility

Annie Robinson

Photo of Annie Robinson
Marketing Manager The Fiji Times Ltd

Darren Kwan

Photo of Darren Kwan
Finance Officer Tower Insurance Fiji Ltd.

Devika Darshani

Photo of Devika Darshani
Accountant/Pacific Financial Controller ANZ Bank Fiji

Hanisevae Taito

No Photo Available
Export Air Freight Supervisor Williams & Goslings Ltd

Ilaitia Varani

No Photo Available
Audit Manager Office of the Auditor General

John Yee

No Photo Available
General Manager JP Bayly Trust

Kaiava Lekenaua

Photo of Kaiava Lekenaua
Qualified Firefighter National Fire Authority

Kalolaini Ranadi

Photo of Kalolaini Ranadi
Senior Economist Reserve Bank of Fiji

Karen Fong

Photo of Karen Fong
Managing Director The Greenhouse Studio

Kolora Mason

Photo of Kolora Mason
Head of Products Reservations Pacific Destinations

Marie Kid

Photo of Marie Kid
Foundation Manager Natural Waters of Viti Limited

Mohammed N Nawaz

Photo of Mohammed N Nawaz
Financial Controller Credit Corporate PTE Ltd

Nemani Lomata

Photo of Nemani Lomata
Qualified Firefighter National Fire Authority

Nur Fawziyah Ali

Photo of Nur Fawziyah Ali
Senior Credit Officer Nadi Williams & Goslings Ltd

Pratika Kumar

Photo of Pratika Kumar
Senior Accountant Communications Fiji Ltd

Ranjeeta Arti Bali

Photo of Ranjeeta Arti Bali
Catergory Leader Electronic Goods Motibhai Fiji

Sandhea Kiran

Photo of Sandhea Kiran
Brewing Team Leader Paradise Beverages
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Aradhana Devi

Photo of Aradhana Devi
Manager KPMG

Arif Khan

Photo of Arif Khan
Director Bay Shore Fiji

Artika Prasad

Photo of Artika Prasad
Senior Accountant – Audit Assurance & Business Advisory Services Aliz Pacific

Avikali Lomavere Bari

Photo of Avikali Lomavere Bari
Community Policing Coordinator Sigatoka Police

Cornelia Smith

Photo of Cornelia Smith
CRM & Marketing Officer Fiji Gas Ltd

Esala V. T. Nasaroa

Photo of Esala V. T. Nasaroa
Principal Internal Auditor Fiji Roads Authority

Esther Ching Mei Yee

Photo of Esther Ching Mei Yee
Reservations Coordinator Pacific Centrecom

Fareesha Shah

Photo of Fareesha Shah
Manager Ernst & Young

Filipe Tuituivula Tikoisuva

Photo of Filipe Tuituivula Tikoisuva
Sub Officer National Fire Authority

Jean Cora Whippy

Photo of Jean Cora Whippy
Sales Supervisor Motibhai Group

Kuineta Sakimi

Photo of Kuineta Sakimi
Senior Actuarial Analyst Fiji National Provident Fund

Merea Tofinga-Kumar

Photo of Merea Tofinga-Kumar
Senior Licensed Customs Agent Williams & Gosling

Naomi Tagilala Tove

Photo of Naomi Tagilala Tove
Accounts Officer Fijian Teachers Association

Nasik Swami

Photo of Nasik Swami
Senior Journalist/Team Leader The Fiji Times Ltd

Neel Nitin Kumar

Photo of Neel Nitin Kumar
Key Control Testing Analyst ANZ Pacific Operations

Neelam Kavita Sharma

Photo of Neelam Kavita Sharma
General Manager, Legal Credit Corporation

Nitesh Chand

Photo of Nitesh Chand
Manager, Hospitality Sales Motibhai Group

Niven Nitin Dutt Maharaj

Photo of Niven Nitin Dutt Maharaj
Resort Manager Plantation Island

Racheal Elaise

Photo of Racheal Elaise
Senior Manager, E-Chanel Retail Bank of the South Pacific

Rahul Prakash

Photo of Rahul Prakash
Commercial Finance Manager British American Tobacco
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David Dudley

Photo of David Dudley
Manager Corporate Banking ANZ

Eddie Yuen

Photo of Eddie Yuen
Shipping and Commercial Manager Williams and Gosling

Frances Loga

Photo of Frances Loga
Manager Human Resources Telecom Fiji

Isiromi Bayameyame

Photo of Isiromi Bayameyame
Chief Executive Officer Yasana Holdings

Jinesh Patel

Photo of Jinesh Patel
Sales & Marketing Group Motibhai Group

Jone Vuli

Photo of Jone Vuli
Manager Credit Westpac Tonga

Marcus Hill

Photo of Marcus Hill
Photographer Islands Development

Ritesh Patel

Photo of Ritesh Patel
Chief Information Officer Office Brands

Seremaia Turoga

Photo of Seremaia Turoga
Principal Valuer Agricultural Land Tribunal Department

Shalini Singh

Photo of Shalini Singh
General Manager/Director Oporto Sylvia Park Restaurant

Tarai Kamikamica

Photo of Tarai Kamikamica
Corporate Services Manager

Terrence Low

No Photo Available
Chief Executive Officer ANZ Kiribati

Thelma Savua

Photo of Thelma Savua
Corporate & Regulatory Affairs – Projects Manager BAT NZ

Vijay Narayan

Photo of Vijay Narayan
News Directory Communications Fiji Ltd

Vikash Singh

Photo of Vikash Singh
Area Regulatory Affairs Manager Australasia

Willie Kwong

Photo of Willie Kwong
Principal Auditor, Team Leader Large Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority

Arshad Daud

Photo of Arshad Daud
Managing Director Midlink Marketing

Autiko Loulou

Photo of Autiko Loulou
Manager Planning Telecom Fiji

Eseta Nadakuitavuki

Photo of Eseta Nadakuitavuki
Retail Area Manager – East Westpac

Filimoni Vosarogo

Photo of Filimoni Vosarogo
Senior Associate Vakaloloma & Associates

Ivan Fong

Photo of Ivan Fong
Manager – Interconnect & Regulatory Telecom Fiji

Mohammed Maqbool

Photo of Mohammed Maqbool
Sales Representative BSP

Rajesh Patel

Photo of Rajesh Patel
Operations Manager Motibhai Group

Ritesh Singh

Photo of Ritesh Singh
Head of Operations, Pacific & Business Manager ANZ Pacific Operations

Salote Uluinaceva

Photo of Salote Uluinaceva
General Manager, Business Sales

Vineeta Nand

Photo of Vineeta Nand
Political & Communication Advisor British High Commission

Virisila Buadromo

Photo of Virisila Buadromo
Fiji Women’s Rights Movements Executive Director
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